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What is up website visitor?

I want to take a second and welcome you to FAM BAM FIT dot com! I’ve put a lot of hard work into this website and I still have a looooooong way to go. If you see missing pictures/videos or broken links etc just know that our web team (aka me) is working hard at a moderate pace to fix the issues. BTW, if you spot a mistake go ahead and drop me a message, I welcome all feedback and thank you for it.

Now that little disclaimer may have you wondering…

Why Publish A Website That Isn’t Finished?

  1. Seize the frickin’ day! The average male in America only lives for 27,375 days. I’ve already lived for 10,735 days. On average, that leaves me with 16,640 days to do something incredible. This is assuming I reach the average lifespan.
  2. I know that you need help now! I love living in America, but our nation is currently suffering from a epidemic. We are a stressed out, over medicated, fatty fatty no friends nation. I know it’s hard to find time for fitness, so that is why I created this website. Keeping the delivery of information as quick and practical as possible is always the goal.
  3. Motivation. I’m not perfect, (surprise lol), and having fambamfit go live provides an extra kick in the pants to get stuff done.

Where Do I Go Now?

⇒ If you want to learn more about me and my story check out the About page.

⇒ My unique philosophy on fitness can be found on the Foundations Page. My views definitely differ from popular opinion, but I’ve never been one to follow the crowd.

⇒ Want to read the first post I ever wrote? Arnold’s 6 Rules of Success is where it all began.

⇒ Enjoy exploring the recent posts or categories sections, so that you get what you need quickly.

Thank you sooooo much for visiting and have a great day!